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“On the road again, I just can’t wait to be on the road again.” Ah Willy, how did you know?

We left about 8:15 this morning, headed for an overnight stop in Clarkville, Indiana headed for St. Louis, Missouri. As we were leaving town there were police motorcades everywhere escorting the thousands of motorcycles headed to The Wall for their celebration. They had traffic at a dead stop (thankfully not on our side) and everyone was out of their cars on the side of the road waving and giving thumbs up to all the riders. What a neat sight to have the privilege to see.

We made it about half way to our destination when we blew a rear outside tire on the motorhome. BUMMER! We are about 1 mile south of Weston, West Virginia. We have been sitting here since 2:00 PM – it’s now 7:30 PM, and finally our repair people have shown up! In order to get the type and size of tire we needed, they had to come 140 miles. It didn’t help that it was Sunday, a long weekend, and nobody in their right mind was working! Yes, thank goodness, we do have towing and services on our insurance which will pay for the service call, the mileage they had to travel, and then we pay for the tire ($500) and an hour of labor ($95). I think I’m in the wrong business! Hey Don – how about a tow home? I realize that it’s not as close as Oklahoma City, but what the hay ….

I took advantage of our down time to fix dinner and work on the blog, although I had to do it in Word and then I’ll cut and paste it into My Trip Blog when we get back in range. Yep, no internet connection here in the boonies. Probably doesn’t help that we’re surrounded by mountains. Cell phones only had one-two bars – we’re lucky we could call for help. I think as late as it is we’ll probably hit the next rest stop for the night, which is about 12 miles down the road.

The northern part of Maryland and into West Virginia is just beautiful and the trees are so thick and varied. Lots of little purple flowers along the roadways. Until tomorrow …

Happy Trails – Dick, Jo & Sean

P. S. Sean – you would be proud of us - we got the Satellite TV working last night!

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