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Distant Shores under Spinnaker - LOVING the sail...

We love to sail

Casa Grande - Timbabiche

Mountains behind Agua Verde

Cove in Agua Verde Anchorage

Views of Fishing Village in Aqua Verde

Local Tienda (grocery store) in Agua Verde

More of village of Agua Verde

Agua Verde - fish camp

Agua Verde

Last one of the village at Agua Verde

Cindy found a boat closest to a shell to row. She is...

One of the rays we see

Cindy checking out the sights underwater

Bumphead Parrot fish

Isla San Cosme - with just a little fog

Looking north up toward Isla Monserrate

Yellowstone Beach Isla Monserrate

Isla Danzante - in real life looks like a dragon or croc...

Bahia Candeleros

Candeleros Chico

Sunrise at Bahia Candeleros

Entrance to Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido inner harbor

Wifi is becoming less and less prevalent the further north we travel as is our opportunity to find food provisions. The grocery stores like Safeway have been left behind in La Paz and now we are trying to stay abreast with stores about a 1/4th the size of a small 7-11 with fresh produce (vegetables and fruit) being available only if you arrive within a day or two of their weekly delivery. We still have a lot to learn about proper provisioning.

We left San Evaristo on Mother’s Day with a southerly wind enabling us to sail for about 22 nm. We put up our spinnaker and s/v Sunday (our buddy boat) took some great pictures. The sail itself was wonderful and oh so quiet. We went as far as Timbabiche

Bay dropped the hook and went ashore to explore. Not much there except for a Casa Grande that was in ruins but originally was built with the funds from the sale of a 5 carat green pearl. The winds and waves made the anchorage unattenable so went around the corner to Los Gatos but it also was exposed to the West & SW winds and sea. We then motored the 18 nm to get to Bahia Agua Verde. We found a nice quiet anchorage enjoying 4 nights in this pretty cove. We did some snorkeling, however, the pool temp was a chilly 73 so weren’t in for long and the visibility was not great only 20-25 feet. We have been playing Mexican Train, cards, visiting and watching movies in the evenings with our buddy boat friends Gil & Lexi. On Thursday (14th) we motored to Isla San Cosme to check out the anchorage but with a southern exposure and predominately southerly winds overnight passed. We then went to Punta San Cosme where there is suppose to be a hot spring. After hiking the beach and surrounding countryside for nearly 2 hours and not finding we went back to the boat and headed to Yellowstone Beach on the north end of Isla Monserrate, another beautiful anchorage with a great skyline. After enjoying more snorkeling, beach combing, and hiking for 2 days we moved on to Bahia Candeleros. More snorkeling, beach walking, and late evenings were enjoyed. On Monday (18th) we decided to go to Honeymoon Cove on Isla Danzante but there were too many boats (2) already enjoying this tiny anchorage so took the 3 nm jaunt across to Puerto Escondido where we have spent two quiet nights on a mooring buoy in the harbor. We had the misconception that this harbor was a large town or village but it is not. There is a marina with some associated restaurant and mini/mini store then about ½ mile away there is a hotel and small grocery store. We were out of fruit and veges but could only buy 1 red apple (the rest were in a sorry state), 1 head of cabbage, and 1 head of broccoli. We were able to get some eggs and a few other items. Now we wish we would have loaded up more in La Paz, flour is going quickly.

What’s next you might ask? We plan to leave today for Isla Danzante then spend the next 2 weeks going around Isla Carmen. We will be coming back to Puerto Escondido sometime around the 8th of June where we will leave our boat on a mooring buoy for 2 weeks while we come back to the states to see Cal graduate from college and have a family reunion at Lake Arrowhead.

Enjoy the pictures……

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