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Canyon we drove through

Red Winged Black Bird

Humming Bird


Humming Birds

Lake Isabella


Wal @ Lake Isabella

Dead Snake by the River

Great Blue Heron

Orange Trees

We left by 7.30am to travel to the Nature Preserve at Weldon it took 1.5 hours we wanted to get there before it got TOO HOT. There is meant to be nearly 200 species of birds there, we saw about 40, one of them was an escaped Falcon as when he flew off there was a bell attached to him. We saw about 10 different Humming Birds, Red Winged Black Birds, Quails,loads of others that I have still to look up.

We then drove to Kernsville a small town on the Kern River where they do White Water Rafting,after wandering around the few shops there we headed for Lake Isabella. It was in the late 90's again today, TOO HOT to be wandering around. We drove through a Canyon on the way where the Kern River flows, on the way back we spotted the Great Blue Heron, stood and watched him for ages catching fish, he stood 4ft tall with a wingspan of 72". The Butterfly was on the river bank in Kernsville.

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