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Rolling hills and farmland on the east coast of the Peninsula.....

.... changed to red dirt and arid landscape the close we got...

Rotunda at Tumbey Bay

This is the ship that saved the Pumpkin from sinking!!!

Trouble is it nearly ran us over!! - just kidding. This was...


Sunrise in Port Augusta with the Flinders Ranges as a back drop

Cute little bird in the caravan park

We have been blown away by the beautiful houses and buildings on...




SHEENA SPEAKING: Yes the leak is fixed! The gods were smiling on us as we had a just long enough break in between showers for Ken to borrow a ladder and re-seal all around the edges of the roof. It was only a hairline crack but that is all it takes. Just to be safe we lowered one end of the roof during the night so that the rain would run off rather than just sit on top. Had rain since and all seems to be fine. I sure know how to pick the kinda guy to take along with me on a trip like this! So far Ken has put a new kitchen tap on Pumpkin as the original one was so close to the edge that it kept splashing back onto the laminate behind it. Result? Much better tap and no splashing.

We had also been having a bit of a condensation problem over the bed area as the fly was touching the top of the canvas over our bed. Solution? He bought 3 noodles (you know those long foam things the kids use in the pool) and put them on top of the bed canvas - no more condensation!! He's a good one :)

We left Port Lincoln yesterday morning and meandered up the east coast of the Peninsula stopping off at Tumbey Bay, Cowell and a very short stop in Whyalla. It was funny really because this trip was only about 300 kms but in that time we went from coastal scenery, to rolling hills and farmland, lovely and green and then, as we got closer to Port Augusta, red flat terrain with the Flinders Ranges in the distance. This last area was actually more like what I thought the Nullabor would look like - funny that.

Once in town we chose our caravan site and again - good choice. There was a Big 4 in town but it was right on the highway and this did not appeal to me given the noise of the big trucks rolling on through the night. Instead we picked one down near the river and it is lovely and quiet. It is funny though because both caravan parks are surrounded by fencing topped by barbed wire and there are gates at the front that close at 9.30 pm. We had been told there were problems with the indigenous people in town so I guess this was the reason for the security. It certainly helped us feel much safer as we had had one wild night in Ceduna where we had been quite frightened by the noise going on in the streets.

This morning we decided to get in early to get all our washing done - and so did every one else! Took a few trips back and forwards to the laundry - in the end I took a book over there and just sat there reading so that as soon as a machine became available I could grab it. Got it all done eventually and is now all dry and packed away.

Ken then went off to hire a set of golf clubs and I had a walk around the town following the Heritage walk listed in our tour guide. I had a lovely morning and then had plans that in the afternoon we would drive out to have a look at the Flinders Ranges but when I connected back up with Ken he was feeling awful. He said that round about the 5th hole he started feeling really sick and by the time he picked me up he was feeling really bad. We went back to the van where he had a lay down. By this time I too was starting to feel a bit off - rumbling tummy, nausea. We had a think about it and decided that it might be the water. Even though we were connected to town water it would appear that town water is not so healthy! We figured that the reason why Ken felt worse than me was due to all the cups of tea he drinks! So - we boiled up some vinegar in the kettle and put in some water we had bought in a cask. We are starting to feel better now but have decided just to be safe we will only drink wine and beer from now on!!!!!

We are off to Coober Pedy tomorrow and are SO EXCITED!!! Not sure whether we will have any signal so don't stress if there are not too many entries for a while. We figure it could take us about 10 days to get to Queensland as there is just so much to see (and opals to buy!!). Stay tuned ......

KEN SPEAKING: Dear Readers - this is Aunty Ken.

Port Augusta, sitting with my back to the Flinders Ranges, writing down a few words. Well talk about farmland - silos everywhere - the bigger the town the more silos in it. 360 kms of wheatbelt. Arrived Port Augusta - chose the park to stay down by the river - very nice. In the distance the shunting yards for the railway as Port Augusta is a major rail terminal. Just seen a train go past about 2 kms long - pretty spectacular!

Played golf today - needed some really good swearing time and succeeded in doing that - as golf is the way to go.

Looking forward to the middle bit - so bring it on!!!

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