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Hi Everybody

Finally arrived in Bakersfield, California. 10.5 flight to Los Angeles where we picked up a rental car to drive to Bakersfield. First of all we were delayed at passport control, it took over an hour before they let us into the country, we were interrogated !! Probably because we keep coming out here a lot they would not give us a reason.

After finally getting to Bakersfield we stopped the first night in a hotel. Tuesday morning headed off to pick up our home ( for those of you that did not know we traded the Truck and 5th Wheel RV in against a Coach RV before we left the country on the last trip) we were shown how everything worked on the new home and then Wal was taken out for a drive in it , he said he had forgotten how BIG it was.We are now staying in it on a campsite in Bakersfield where we have been busy unpacking all our gear from the old RV, looked like a bomb had hit it for the first few days, but now nearly all sorted.

The last few days we have been busy searching for a car to buy, to tow behind the RV, finally found what we wanted today, a Saturn Vue.

Off to sort out all the paperwork tomorrow and should be able to drive it back afterwards. Next to get all the Tow Gear put on the RV and the car ready for towing next week. We hope to be able to leave Bakersfield next Thursday. Photos to follow of new home, camera not been out of the bag yet.

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