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St. Peter's Square

Transportation and trash in my Roman neighbourhood

Via Candia

Flower stand, just down Via Candia

A peak into the Vatican grounds


My flights were uneventful... with on time arrivals and departures!

Upon my arrival in Rome, I met others travelling into the city and staying at the same accommodation, so we took a taxi, and in no time I was unpacking and getting my walking shoes on. (By the way, I am just a street away, on Via Candia, from the Vatican Museums-- and my apartment looks like IKEA. I even have our 'Island Cottage' water glasses, Emily and Kennah.)

I walked around the Vatican wall to St. Peter's Square (Piazza San Pietro). It was quiet and I was able to enjoy the wonderful architecture and marble works of this magnificant square. Just walking about on the grand Piazza San Pietro which was laid out by Berni between 1656 and 1667 was hard to realize. So many times I have seen this prominent place on TV and in the newspapers filled with crowds, yet never exposing Bernini's work. Today, I had the opportunity to walk about this grand place, to view this octogon'ish (must be a better way to describe this but it isn't at my finger tips at this moment) layout right at my feet, and to orientate myself for following visits.

Returning to my apartment, I stopped at a gelateria and shopping market for a few groceries. (The vegetables- green beans, artichoke, tomatoes, and eggplant looked fresh and inviting-- though I only purchased tomatoes, lettuce, and green beans.)

With some frustration with my ICT skills, and a different keyboard, I was not able to get to my journal. Once the jet lag subsided at around 2:00 am, I realized that cut-and-paste would do the trick.

So, even though I am recalling the events of Saturday, May 9, it is actually Wednesday, May 13. As you well know, spending time at an Internet Point when there is so much to do, is very difficult. I think of each of you often, and I am pleased to be sharing this time with you tonight. Tomorrow (May 14th), I take the train to Venice.

My plan is to briefly let you know where I have been each day, and then when time permits I will construct my story with images (if the computer will accommmodate this) and ancedotes.

Now, on to Sunday, May 10, 2009.

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