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Mango Bay

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HI all,

Well we have been here in Koh Tao for 5 days. It's still as beautiful as we remembered. We could live w/o the mosquitos though. Our legs are covered in bites....Yuck. I bought this chinese medicine that was supposed to be for itching but not sure what it really is.

We went on a tour of the island ( by longtail boat) two days ago. Of course we had to pick a day with the sea was a bit rough. I managed not to feed the fish though ( sea sickness). It took us about 5 hours. We stopped in 4 different places to snorkel. The tiger fish ( tons of them) swim with you. It kind of freaked me out at first because they touch you. You could be surround by a few hundred while you swim. After a while it's pretty neat. The coral is amazing. I have never seen colour like that even when diving.

We have been having some really great meals here. We have had our fill of Pad Thai(almost). Had some great Indian food last night. We found a neat little beach bar called Vibe. It's owned by a couple of guys from England. You sit on bean bag chairs and look out over the ocean. We have been getting great service every where we go. The one owner of the Vibe told me I tip way too much. Typically, I usually leave about 100bht...about $3Can. He says 20bht is more than enough.....but of course he didn't give my tips back to me.

We are heading to town to talk to the guys at Good Time adventures. We are going to do some rock climbing and rapelling. Should be interesting. I sure have put on my adventure hat on this trip more that I have before.

We had an unbelievable rain storm yesterday aft. We were walking down the beach back to our hotel. It came out of now where. Our lovely beach "boys" moved all of our stuff for us to there shelter until we got back. They are very you think it's because of the tipping? That's ok, they deserve it. They make very little money for a long days work.

Well best get our day going. Hope everyone is well. Don't miss us too much.

Until next time.

Monica & Tom

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