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The tall building is the tower that we went up!

View from the Tower,

nice and cheesy

not in focus, but look how Gorgeous Claire looks!



Aparinatly a regular occurance in Oz

this is what happens when you spend 2 months straight with claire!

St kilda Beach

First impressions of Melbourne are that it is bloody freezing cold!! As usuall nick and i didn't book a hostel to stay in so at 5am in the morning we were wandering around the city looking for somewhere to catch up on some sleep. We were looking for one in particular but nick had the map and made us walk for about an hour in the wrong bloody direction. We eventually got there to be told that the people in our room were still sleping and that we couldn't go in there yet, so we had to wander around and find a cafe for a couple of hours.

We got some sleep and then headed out to explore the city, we really like it here it is really chilled out and the buildings are really pretty too. We then went up the tallest tower in the southern hemisphere and the veiws were amazing as you can see from the pix. the only worrying thing was that the veiwing platfrom was on the 88th floor and it took seconds to get there in the lift and it went down at the same speed, not so good.

we decided to move hostels and went to stay in a little suburb called St.Kilda which is a really cool place they have the nicest cake shops, natrually we had to taste a few of them nick more so than me.The boys a chocaholic!!

The beach is really nice her to evn though it was cold it still looked nice and there were people geting married and stuff on the beach. to be honest didn't really do that much just chilled out and soaked up the atmosphere.

We are off to sydney next which i cant wait for.

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