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Hello, we only spent one night in Singapore and i think that was plenty. We arrived and the first thing that we noticed was that it was clean and characterless. We met a guy on the bus who luckily knew where there was a hostel because we had no idea, so we followed him.

That night we went and got some food nick was in the mood for noodles so we found a cheap stall and had noodles which did not fill us up at all. We then got on a bus in search of little india and wandered around. The smells coming from all of the curry houses was too much too ignore so we had to have naan breads and a curry and it was soooo tasty. We felt like little piggies after that but it was going to be our last indian for a while!! On the way back from little India we missed our stop and ended up going in the wrong direction for about an hour our usuall style of travelling, the wrong way!!!

The following day we decided to go and have a look around as our flight wasn't until 7.00pm. We wandered around for a while but nothing really jumped out at us so we went back to the hostel to pack and get ready to go oz!

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