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Left Rancho Oso and drove up through Santa Ynez, San Luis Obispo to King City where I crossed over to 25 heading north. Did not like the roads from Kind City as it was very winding, hilly and went on for 50 miles before reaching San Benito.

No services at all along that stretch and I ran low on gas so drove up to Tres Pinos to fill up at a small store. Had to get a local to help me turn around to prevent unhooking my car in the small cul de sac.

The park is pretty and very peaceful with lots of birds, and wildlife, ie deer, bobcats, squirrels. Deer walked by my coach this morning much to Vera's consternation. Have a nice grassy and partially shady spot and is very sparsely camped with people. Getting a little warm during the day up to 85 this afternoon, but down in the high 40's at night.

Plan on staying here for about 3 weeks before heading over to Yosemite and them home to Colorado for a few months.

Had a deliscious brunch at Flapjacks in Tres Pinos with friends Patricia and Bob Goar. Many nice cocktail hours enjoyed with friends during the stay here. Met Joe and Jerry D'Angelo and the 5 of us had a great Memorial Day cookout at Pat and Bob's.

Took a bad bike fall when Vera decided to chase one of the numerous ground squirrels in the park. Enjoyed deer, a peahen and saw a 4 foot speckled rattlesnake. Have to be careful of Vera now with the rattlers out of hibernation.

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