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What better way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo than to tour a brewery. We were planning a visit to the Jelly Belly Factory in Fairfield when it was brought to our attention that there was a Budweiser brewery in the same town.

Budweiser is not Tom's favorite beer ( Sam Adams is the preferred brew) but we thought it would be fun to add Bud to our list of brewery tours.( We have done Guinness in Dublin and Coors in Golden). The tour was a bit disappointing. You didn't get to see much unless you paid $25 for the "brewmaster tour". We were given two free samples of any beer Bud makes . Tom tasted the new American Ale and then tried Stella Artois but Sam is still his favorite. I stuck with Dr. Pepper.

Just down the block is the Jelly Belly factory. What fun. It is the most colorful place. Even the carpet was bright and full of the different colors of the candy. The history of the Goelitz family was very interesting - successful then broke then successful again. They were the original creators of candy corn!

We were not allowed to take any photos during the tour which is a shame because the colors were unbelievable. The process to make a Jelly Belly takes 7 days. We saw a video on of how they are molded into shape but the rest of the process (including the stamping of the Jelly Belly name on each and every candy) we saw for ourselves. Each person is given a bag of Jelly Bellies to take home and you can sample any flavor you want. They have a chocolate shop as well - and the sample they gave out was pretty darn good.

After a light lunch, we came to the library. It is such a pain not to have wifi at the site but the library fortunately is a hop skip from the park.

The weather is improving everyday and with any luck we will be able to make the Farmers Market tomorrow.

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