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castle on the river


rio dulce



lago atitlan

dennis and debs souvenirs

at lunch in Panajachel

Dennis did an amazing amount of driving (pobrecito). After driving to Rio Dule, we took a boat(about an hr) to Livingston. Livingston could very well be a Caribbean island. Although there are traditional mayan looking guatemalans, there is also a considerable amount of black people. We walked around for a couple hrs and then headed back towards Guate city.

The next day we drove through the old City of Antigua and got very lost before eventually finding our way to Panajachel.

Overall it was great of dennis to come. It was the first time i've actually been a tourist here (taking tours and such) and not working with the project. I thought it'd be a break from my spanish but i was wrong. I was translating so much between den/deb and everyone else that when i came back to Xela a couple ppl commented on how my spanish fluency had improved!

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