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Getting ready for our flight

Mater on Mt Canobolas

Ev on Mt Canobolas

Brocks commodore and the Austin seven

Brock Statue

Boys ready to fly

'Mater on Mt Panorama

Mt Panorama sign

Mt Panorama

Mc Philamy

Conrod Straight

Aaron gets ready for his first flight with the support of his frequent flier big brother. As soon as we started moving Az fell asleep in dads arms so while he has one flight in his flight log he slept through the whole thing, waking up on final approach to Orange.

After finalising the paperwork on the new car we headed up on top of Mt Canobolas.

After visiting a couple of wineries we headed onto Bathurst.

With a new Holden Commodore, albeit a 4wd wagon with only 6 cylinders, what else is a motor racing fan to do, except a few laps of Mt Panorama. And yes, Alison also did a lap. After so many years of watching cars go round and round that track, it is amazing just how steep the track really is. Here are a couple of shots from our quick lap.....all under the legal 60kmh limit of course.

As you see in the last shot, driving over Mc Philamy, even at 60kmh, and the whole mountain disappears in front of you. at racing speed this must be amazing.

Just off the end of pitt straight is the National motor racing hall of fame. An amazing collection of the cars that have made history in the Bathurst race. Here are a couple of my favourites... and yes I did take photos of the Moffett Falcon and the Johnson Mustang. Unfortunately the 1981 rock was not there. :-)

Overnighted in the thriving metropolis of Oberon.

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