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Well, it is time to prepare to leave Guatemala. We have had a very enjoyable three weeks here and it has been nice to be in one place for a while. It has given us the opportunity to meet a number of people, both locals and fellow travellers. During our stay here we have learned some very interesting things. When Cory and Elaine would get together after their Spanish classes, they would share with each other what they had learned from their teachers. For instance in Guatemala, if a woman is ready to wean her child off of breastfeeding, she will rub chillies on her nipples. If deodorant is too expensive, a natural solution is to rub limes on your armpits. There are a number of machismo males in Guatemala who will feed chillies to their young sons to help make them a stronger hombre. These same machismo types will visit a certain business with their sons when they are around 14 years old to ensure they enter the ranks of MANhood. Conversely the women are ultra conservative and compare to our country a many years ago. Having spent two weeks in Spanish classes Cory and Elaine feel that they have learned just enough to know that two weeks was probably not enough. I have heard them discussing that they might take another week or two training in another country. Spanish language schools are located throughout Central and South America. Their heads have been swimming with all the verbs and conjugations they have been taught. One of the other things that I have heard Elaine say is she is grateful she lives in a country where you can pee for free and actually throw the toilet paper into the toilet and not into a garbage can. In looking ahead to our next destination, we had decided on Honduras. Specifically the bay islands. We were all overdue for some sun and sand. However, the weather report indicates there has been significant rain,(tropical type) and some areas have flooded. Fortunately we have the flexibility to adapt to the situations. In central America May 1 is Labour Day. So being a stat holiday many places are closed. Hopefully, we will find a travel agent who will be able to help us with our decision. Cuba could be a possibility. Will keep you informed as we find out what we are doing.

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