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Stain Glass at the church

Church Flowers

Front of Church

Myra and Regina

Leaving Van Nuys and the RV Park was easy to do, the weather was turning hot, the grass was drying up, when you walked on the grass it was almost like stepping on those dead fall leaves that tumble from the trees in the latter part of the year. Just as you would pack up and leave your home for a new and cozier place to live, so did we. Each time we 'hook up and pull out', we hope that the new location will be better then the last, but still remind each other of the good times we had. The pictures that are with this posting are of our neighbors...Oscar, his wife Myra and their baby girl, Regina. What a joy it was to have this young couple right next door. We were invited to cook outs several times, enjoyed the wonderful aromas that filtered through our open windows, and then wished that we had attended! Oscar did bring over several dishes and explained what each one was, real Mexican food ! now that was a treat! His mother makes tamales, real tamales....fresh and so good... we purchased a couple of dozen and froze them, hard times may be around the corner and we will be forced to eat them! We were also invited to Regina's Baptism a few weeks ago, decided to take pictures and a video for them, the Baptism was conducted at his Church, what a beautiful building, the flowers were beautiful, stained glass windows and the service was all in Spanish, except when the Priest looked at us and ask "Do you know a little Spanish?" I wanted to say well....I know "EL POLO LOCO" (means crazy chicken, for a restaurant)...but told him no, didn't matter as we sometimes speak the same language... We know that Oscar and his little family have big plans for their futures, we wish them the best in all that they do. Don't know if we will miss the traffic of LA, but leaving behind yet another fond memory.

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