Ry & J's South Pacific Tour '05 travel blog

Tip Top Taking a Bath

Cross Breeding?

A View from Under the Tarp (Lake Wanaka)

Album Cover

Weird things S. of Equator

The next day

Ry and Wanaka at Sunset

Well, Queenstown is the adventure center of NZ and we found it a bit over the top touristy so we headed north to Glenorchy for a very scenic drive up the coast of Lake Wakatipu and beyond that we headed toward Paradise. A drive that ended up more like a trip through someone's pasture as we forded several rock bottomed creeks and eventually got to a place ol' Tippy just wasn't going to get across as the washouts were simply too deep. That is where we found evidence of some crazy cross breeding as shown on the road sign. Wanaka is also the home of Puzzle World which has some crazy illusions, and eye tricks as well as a huge 3D maze outside that takes anywhere from 30 minutes to and hour and a half depending on how much you choose to see repeatedly. Had a pretty good time there as they have many different hands on riddle puzzles inside for young and old to play with as well. The pic of Ry and I is in a room that is crazily constructed to make things look much different than they are. The Album Cover pic is something fans of Southpark will understand if they saw the episode where Cartman starts a band. The intention was not such at the time of taking the pic, but it sure turned out neat with the sun obscuring our fronts. Really enjoyed the Wanaka area as the scenery was yet again amazing and Ry even got to get some rock climbing in just south of town a bit.

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