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Seals Basking

More Falls

Looking into Milford #1

Out to Sea

Water Fall

Dolphin Racing our Boat

We took a 2+ hour cruise out the Milford Sound to the ocean and back. We were lucky to be on a smaller boat and the captain was great. He hugged the cliffs and gave great commentary. There is so much rainfall there that there is usually about 3 meters of freshwater on top of the saltwater base that goes down somewhere around 300 meters most places. We had hoped to kayak, but none of the trips suited our taste so chose the cruise option and really enjoyed it. We were incredibly lucky to run across a pod of dolphins that wanted to play with the boat and they were entertaining. We sat for a bit and they jumped and splashed and rubbed against the bow of the boat. When it was time to go the captain throttled it up and they swam right under the bow for a bit, really cruising along and cutting in and out. We were lucky to be on the bow right when they were spotted so we had a good vantage point. The trees and vegetation literally grow out of the rocks. Seeds germinate in the cracks and in time the root structures intertwine and they all hold each other up. Saw seals sunning on a rock as well. The waterfalls were some of the best yet. As we were headed back, the captain informed us that the annual Homer Tunnel Nude Run was that evening as it was April 1. We were both interested and concerned that it was an April Fool's Joke, but we soon learned that it was in fact a 5 year tradition, this being the sixth annual. After a little liquid courage about 30 people loaded up in 3 vans and made the trip up to the tunnel. Ry came in second, but the slightest bit. The tunnel itself is 1.3 K's long and we ran the down grade so it wasn't too bad. No lights on so everyone had a flashlight or headlamp. Good times had by all.

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