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Hello peoples,

Hope that you are all doing ok. We are just about to leave KL as i am writing this but for the first time on the whole trip we are actually up to date with our journal yey!!

Anyways there is not that much to say about KL its a really clean city and its quite nice to look at. The first day that we were here we didn't really do that much. We arrived a lot later than planned due to the bus that we were on from Georgetown broke down, we had to wait around for quite a while. However it was the comfyest bus that i have ever been on so its not all bad. We went for an indian at the place next door to where we are staying and none of the menu was in english, the man just gave us some random food which turned out to be really good. However the next day nick had a bit of a sore bottom when the curry reapeared which i found highly amusing he was struggling to sit down! lol!!

The second day we went to look around china town which sells pretty much everything ideal if you like your fake sunglasses and handbags, not sure who does though. It is really easy to get around they have monorail stations and you can pretty much get anywhere for 2 ringits which is 40p!!

Today we spent most of the day on the internet as nick has to find accomodation for next year and i have to do my uni application, bit boring but its got to be done at some point. I know that the parents will be glad to hear this!

We have had indian food the last three nights and i don't think that nicks bum was up to anymore so we went to pizza hut. We wished that we hadn't, our waiter was really dopey, he got the order wrong and then over charged us. He was so slow it was unreal and we ended up being there for like an hour and a half, it does not take that long to cook and eat a pizza.Then we went to look around the petronas towers which are in the pix, i am so glad that we went at night they looked amazing. There is a really fancy shopping centre at the base of them so we had a look at all the designer handbags and shoes that i can't afford, bit of a difference in quality to china towns' versions. Nick found this thoroughly boring.

Anyway sorry for my appauling spelling speak to you all soon

Much love claire and nick


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