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Ba Ba

Another Cloudy Day

Baldwin St (Almost 45 degrees)

Baldwin from Bottom

We found a nice hostel in Alexandra with free laundry and got to work on cleaning up our gear, ourselves and our car. That done we headed out for a bite and a beer and the daily ice cream. The next day we headed for Dunedin. The scenery along the way was very nice and the sheep were everywhere. It is difficult to tell you or show in pictures how many sheep there are absolutely everywhere. If there is green grass, there are likely a bunch of sheep on it. They also raise some sort of red deer and a lot of elk here as well. We've seen a few cows here and there as well. Drove through their wine country as well on the way to Dunedin, but it's not as impressive as CA. Dunedin was a very nice city on the ocean, but it was chilly while we were there so no swimming. We walked and then drove the steepest street in the world. Checked out their botanical gardens. Also found an amazing craft brewery there called Emerson's. We were given a very nice tour by the brewmaster himself and tasted some amazing beers. Decided to check out the bar he recommended that serves his beers and absolutely loved it. Very much a hole in the wall, but loads of class. Tried a couple of the other beers and spent that night near the ocean.

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