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Last stop .....Koh Lipe.

Claire and myself wanted to do the couple thing again and chill out somewhere, we read about a National marine park nammed Totorato with three Islands within it, some were deserted but Koh Lipe was " rough and Ready" So we decided to end our Thailand experience on a beach in the middle of nowhere, Doesn't sound bad does it?!!!

It was a mission to get too and expensive ( about 20 pounds each) but god damn it was worth it. We had found perfection. ( minus the rubish that washed up on the shore after a few days)

The beach was so incredible it is pritty hard to explain. The sand wasn't how we no sand, it was simply talcing powder.

For most of it we were both crying inside as claire had no camera, and when i finally braught film i didn't want to take pictures as the sky wasnt clear and rainy cloads were forming ( Rainy season has pritty much hit now!)

I took quite a few pics but im affraid you'll have to wait till we see you to show them off!

Operation Tan ( for Claire)

We had a few days of pure sweat from the heat, Claire obviously loved this. She was out first thing stretched almost like a star fish catching every bit of Ray she could. Ordering her slave to get out of the shade and plaster sun cream on her!

One of the days she did this and i applied, she then drifted off and we both fell asleep. When we got back to our nice view top bug hut i noticed that her nice white ass wasn't white anymore, nope. Bright pink in strips. I, naturally found this hillarious but unfortuatly that back fired as for the rest of the week i had to apply moisturiser instead!

Just wish i had a camera to show the pinkness of it!!!

At night there was alot more to do than Koh Lanta, Pooh's was a big place which showed good films in the evening and you ate there after ( it was pritty expensive so we had noodles for most of it!) then we'd go to some very relaxed bars on the beach, in particular Peace and Love bar. Here we sat and had a couple of beers chilling.

Thats what your surposed to do in Paradise right?!

It being a national Marine park gave us the assumption that it was great for snorkling and diving, so we ( i say we, really it was just me, You no where Claire was) went in search for some trips, all very expensive as thats how the Thais make the most of there money. I was walking up when i heard a foriegn accent shouting at me too stop, turns out this " very keen snorkerler" and his wife were looking to rent out a boat, they needed 2 other people to cut in so we thought to hell with it. 6 pounds each instead of 20!

We went to a couple of very nice islands, saw lots of things, choked on alot of sea water, nearly drowned and stopped every five seconds to de-steam my cheap rental goggles. Usual stuff, the visability was good. The last Island though was a major dissapointment, rubbish and suspicous brown things floating around, went in and shortly got out. I guess revenge was proberly good for those that we laughed at swimming in shit beach. Damn!

But to be honest with you, all wee did was chill the hell out and reflect on our experience. We were only surposed to stay there a 5 days, but we extended it to 7.

We had the idea that Malaysia wouldn't be that great. It'll proberly be like the centre of Thailand we said, proberly not that nice.

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