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We arrived in Ko Lanta, the bus driver didn't understand that we wanted to be dropped of in the cheap area, which we were pointing to on the map!! So instead he dropped us at a really expensive looking resort, then he went in and told the staff that we wanted one of their rooms, we had to try and explain that this was out of our price range which was a mission. They seem to think that we are really rich which is quite ironic seeing as we are backpacking!!!

In the end we found a really nice place to stay which was run by a lady boy (it took ages for nick to realise this which is worrying.) Our little hut was 300 baht a night which is like 6 pounds, its right on the beach and has a balcony with a hammock so nick is in his element swinging around with a beer in one hand and a ciggy in the other.

While we have been here we found a really nice place to eat called mr wees which did the best massaman curries ever, so we saw quite a bit of the staff that worked there. For breakfast we found a place called the brit cafe and had a much needed full english with tea it was perfection on a plate! We are starting to crave dishes that don't involve noodles and rice.

We decided to rent out a moped while we were here to explore the island, we set off really early and after about an hour we had to head back because the heavens opened. Bit dodgy on the way back as nick was driving, but he couldn't actually see the road becauase of the droplets on his glasses, he needed little windscreen wipers. We set out again after it had calmed down and didn't really have much success everything that we tried to find we couldn't but we drove through lush scenery so it wasn't all bad.

The rest of our week we spent chilling on the beach topping up our tans and that was about it really, we've been quite lazy.

We are off back to krabitown again for a couple of days.

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