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Koh phi phi, " ahhhhh famous film, the beach do you know it?" yes 20 other travel agents trying to sell us the same package you are informed me!

They are Very proud of it!

This place was quite an experience! i could quite easily conclude it, here we go

Beach up in the morning!

There you go that prity much sorts that one out!! ha!

There is actually alot to say about this but im going to try and shorten it a tad.

When we first arrived we were, as normal, asked by 100 Thais where we were staying etc. when we pushed through them, jenny took us to a place called the Rock as it was by far the cheapest on the Island on an indvidual basis. We have told you about some of the shit wholes that we have stayed in but this just smashed them all to bits. Visualise:- open bunk beds, the "matress" was concrete, i think we would have slept better lying in Thistles, with one of the stray dogs pissing on us! just to top it off the matress was leather coated, nice for our work out in the morning ( trying to do sit ups geting off the bloody thing as we were stuck to it) There were also pritty mature ( unfortuatly British) guys there before, at least we hoped they were! they left us some notes on the wall, and just to remind claire what a bloke has, someone drew a massive cock on the ceiling above her bed. lol .

Other than that there were some pritty sick things written on the walls, im not going to repeat them as the parents read this!

First night was a blast, Terry realised he was in paradise as he started on the buckets early, he'd had two by the time we had a small beer!the buckets had a small bottle of alchol, i.e vodka, red bull which is illigal everywhere but Thailand, as it has amphetamines in, and just to even it out some soda water.

We went to a "reggee" bar, nothing resembled its title but it was Ace. It had a thai boxing ring in it and the Thais were offering free buckets for the westerners too fight. We had front row seats whilst aload of "im hard as shit" guys slapped each other about.

Then there were two Thai Fighters who came on.... best fight We've ever seen. so violent! kicks to the face and all sorts.

By this Time Terry was on his third sex on the beach, he thought he'd tell the Thai fighter how to fight. We let him and laughed alot.

We then went back to the beach and had a great laugh. Funniest thing was when we left:- around 4am or so. All the drunk girls and recently pulled guys were skinny dipping in the sea ( it was called Long beach) failing to realise that there were about 50 drunk blokes pissing on the shore. That amused us.

We got a tip off two other travellers that the long beach should not be swum in, aparinatly the Thais empty the waste on the edge of long beach and it always got pushed into shore.

We went back to Long beach, firstly laughing at Terry as his memories were coming back, and then secondly at the mass amount of people swimming in the sea. i slightly walked in and could see bits of suspicous looking brown bits floating around.

I surpose it gave the temporary Tan to all the girls that were trying so hard!Pitty Claire wasnt there.

second night was same same but differant.

Third night was not a good night for myself, i wanted to go back and be boring, read and chill etc. the others were going to do the same but have a quick drink before hand, all ok, so claire went off with Terry and Jenny, i went of to be boring.

I awoke at 4 am to find that they werent there, no note or anything, for some reason i didnt think about the fact they'd be all right, all i could think of was how much a liabilty Terry was and what if something happened to Claire etc. i went on the search for 2 hours, the thoughts getting worse and worse, and smoking untill my lungs were crying.

I sat outside the new room around 6 a stressed nervous wreck, when Claire pops up with the other guys, she could see from my face that i wasn't in the same mind frame.

She sucked up to me for about half an hour...i was just very relieved. NOT happening again. i guess thats punishment for being boring!

However i have to say that Koh Phi Phi was so picturesque, absolutly beatifal. the rock formations were extreme, the greens so rich and the beaches ( not shit beach obviously) stunning.

Go on claire or myselves facebook to see for yourself!@!!

Anyway guys, we will do the rest 2morow!

Claire and Nick


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