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Hey Guys!

Firstly the apologies:- sorry we havnt done the update in a rediculous amount of time, there is a simple reason, that is, we have been having to much fun. (That and it takes ages to do and the internet was pritty expensive!)

So... After the dissapointment of Khoa Lak ( my fault unfortuatly) our minds and skins were raring to get rid of the bugs and go to phuket, the 'paradise' island i got reccommended so much in England... hmmmm, well as you can proberly tell we were abit dissapointed, Mediocre is a good word to descibe the beaches!

We stayed in Phuket Town, obviously because we are poor travellers, however we found it very rewardind. The Hostel was called Phuket Backpackers, it was cosy and prity much the cheapest around ( for what you got) here we met alot of peeps, some of which we traveled on with, and others we hoped to meet further in our journey.

A few days we chilled and ate good CHEAP food, watched a couple of films etc. and on the 29th ( a day before Claires B/day) we met Nick and James, top blokes that we both really liked, it was a shame because they were doing the exact itinery as us, but unfortuatly they left for Oz a month before we did...bummer! however we hoped to meet them in New Zealand!

We went to a popular beach called was made alot of places in England look good. There are a few pics of it on our facebook...but don't be fooled!!

We were all in the sea throwing a ball about when Nick said something stung him, at least he thought it had, I called him a drama queen and we carried on, then slowly everyone started getting stung but me, which naturally i found hilarious...but then what ever was stinging them decided to similtanously sting me from all directions!

Us 'brave' lads decided to stay in there as we couldnt be bothered to sit around and get burnt:- if we ignore it, it won't hurt- then i got stung on my balls and my arse about four times. That was enough. i was prepared to be burnt in the dry.

God knows what it was!

Claires B/day, proberly the wierdest day we have both had in a while, not because anything out of the ordiany happened ( other than it being claires B/day obviously) in Fact i think we both took it as another day! i think i was a bad B/friend at first, we were surposed to go to the beach where i had planned to buy her these ancle braclet's that she has been going on for ages about, but instead we just chilled out and chatted with a crazy Ozzie guy named Terry who had aparinatly been there since we were, he was just so damned pissed most of the time he slept when most were up.

Nick And James went for a Trip to Koh Phi Phi so we waited for them to get, whilst i started recruiting some more troops for a night out.

We started drinking prity early and me and claire didnt pay a penny....result...In Thailand the cheapest thing to drink is Chang, its so damn strong they put an 'approximate' alchol persentage. By 8.30 me and claire were pissed walking ( with a slight spring) to a nice resteraunt with the others....Terry then took us to a bar he had gone to, he knew the owners, as they got pissed together the night before, and we got loads of shots and all sorts for free. God Bless Terry with his love for Alchol.

Anyway we all had a great time, stayed up till god knows when chatting and annoying all the boring bastrads who rejected my invetaion. HA!

Next day we needed to detox abit, we went to another beach called Karon, much nicer, you could see your feet for one, and I didnt get stung in the balls, which was a relief!

Claire's version of getting rid of the hang over was.....yes you got it sweat it out with the Rays.

Didnt work, the sun beat her again and she Burnt.

Next Stop Koh Phi Phi with Terry and a gal called Jenny!

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