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My first day of diving was at Pulau Mabul. Mabul is an island located about 30 kn away from Semporna and is surrounded by a coral reef that is well known for its muck diving and viewing macro (small) sea life. Mabul was by far the best diving i have experienced since i started diving. There was an abundance of life that i have never seen before. The more i dive, the more i get better at controlling myself under water and holding myself steady in one spot. This is crucial for viewing small sea life as it allows you to get within inches of small creatures so that you can appreciate them a lot more. I saw a ton of stuff that day that i had never seen before including a few gigantic sea turtles which only got me more excited for Sipadan the following day.

Sipadan is a very small island which is a little bit further out to sea from Mabul. It is well known as being one of the top 5 dive sites in the world in virtually any ranking you can find. There used to be a few resorts on Pulau Sipadan which have since been shut down in order to conserve the environment around it. The island itself is an absolute paradise. It is the prototypical small tropical island that you would see in a movie. The origins of the island is that it is the top of an old underwater volcano. The walls of volcanic rock rising from the ocean floor result in the island being teeming with see life of all shapes and sizes. The vew itself under the water was spectacular. Large sloping walls of coral extend towards the ocean floor as far as visibility will allow you to see. I'm told that it continues for approximately 600 m. The sea life that i saw here was absolutely mind blowing and at times a little bit frightening. First and foremost were the sea turtles (which have quickly become my favourite sea creature) which were absolutely everywhere. They ranged in size from being small babies to being the size of a mini cooper. The biggest one i saw had to be easily twice my size and well over a hundred years old. The turtles are very friendly and you can pretty much swim right alongside them. In addition to the turtles there were a ton of sharks. All of the sharks i saw were either white tips or grey reef sharks. Neither one of these sharks is known for being at all aggressive but it's still kind of nerve racking when one swims within a few feew of you. Even though it's unlikely it's hard not to think about how this shark could pretty much maim you if it so desired.

All in all, my two days of diving there were easily one of the coolest things i have ever done and will definitely be a highlight of the trip.

After the dive i took an overnight bus back to KK which is where i am now. After killing a few hours in starbucks i am headed to the airport to catch a flight to Gunung Mulu National Park, home to the largest caves in the world. One of the caves can apparently fit two jumbo jets inside of it.

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