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Well, I had to have a chat with Cory and Elaine yesterday, and tell them "don't be rude". You see ever since they started their Spanish classes, when they meet up after their lessons, they start talking in Spanish. Personally I feel that it is rude to speak in a foreign tongue when not all present can converse in that language. Communication is key, and after our talk things are much better. Our new home stay is going quite well, and the food is very good. I am enjoying my break in the morning, while they attend classes. After class we usually wander around the town a bit and usually go to the market. We are currently making plans for the weekend, I won't tell you what they are, but they should be very exciting. I am hoping they workout. Last night, Cory and Elaine tucked me into bed, and they headed off to Monoloco, for game 4 of the Vancouver - St. Louis series. There were many Canadians at Monoloco, and everyone was in high spirits. There was definitely a party atmosphere when the game was over. When they arrived home they woke me up with their conversation. They were still in a bit of a state of amazement over something that had happened, and that on their trip so far, it has happened twice. You see, as they were watching the game, they were smiling as an obvious Canadian was explaining hockey to a bloke from England. Later on the Canadian spoke to them, conversation usually always gets around to where are you from? We said we were from Hope, and he said he was born in Hope. Turned out they knew his father. There is a bit of sadness to this story, as this young man has not seen his father for 34 years. He was touched on an emotional level, as he felt a connection to his father because he met someone who knew his father. They left feeling that perhaps this young man might now reach out to his father, and hopefully get his questions answered. This whole situation reminded them of what happened in Belize. They met a couple, and the conversation got around to where are you from? Elaine said Hope, and this couple mentioned the names of a couple of guys the man worked with. Cory was getting drinks so missed this part of the conversation. Elaine asked them where they were from, and turned out they were from Nelson. Cory returned with drinks, and Elaine told him they were from Nelson. He asked them how long they have lived there and it turned out it was a very long time. Cory and the lady then had a long discussion about the person they both knew, and when they parted company for the evening, the Lawton's left the couple with the instructions to say hi to his ex wife. Cory and Elaine discussed how everytime they have been away, they have always run into somebody who knows somebody they do. Now, they have just started their journey and they are wondering how many more times this will happen.

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