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It seems we walk miles and miles everyday, and part of the reason is Elaine would be absolutely and utterly completely lost without Cory. I mean that, even though this UNESCO world heritage site is fairly small, Elaine seems to continually be turning the wrong way. But in her defense, the reason, I think is quite simply because all of the streets seem to have the same name. How odd, but there is una via and doble via on every corner. Maybe it is because the city is so old, and that is the way it was done in the old days. On Friday, the 17th, we wandered over to an old church - unfortunately we weren't able to take pictures inside, which was quite a shame, as many of the paintings and ornaments created a sense of awe. The church is called San Francisco Church and it features the crypt of San Hermano Pedro - Saint Brother Peter. who was beatified in 1980 and canonized by John Paul II in 2002. Part of the church had been destroyed by earthquake, but is being rebuilt. In the rebuilt section, his tomb had been moved, and pictures show the moving, plus there are rooms, documenting his life. He lived from 1626-1667.

Saturday, morning we caught a very very bumpy van, to Monterrico. A beach town. Now, I have to say, ever since Elaine killed that chicken, she seems to be exhibiting some traits that are causing me some concern. You see, Monterrico beach, is not white sand, but black sand, yes black, hot, hot black sand. It wasn't enough for Cory and Elaine to be unable to walk barefoot on it. Oh no, just like in Playa del Carmen, they took a picture of me, buried up to my neck in the sand. I thought for sure the plastic was going to melt off of me. I didn't feel any sympathy to her when she complained about feeling like she had just had a hot molten sand pedicure. There were lots of waves here, and Cory and Elaine spent some time jumping around in the waves, being careful not to get towwed away by the udertow. Unfortunately I can't operate a camera, so I was unable to capture them frolicking. That would have made a really cute picture. You will just have to imagine it in your mind. (even if you have to kill a chicken) Sunday, it was time to move out of Yellow House, and move to our new home. Jose and Karla Sanchez and their three children are our hosts for the next two weeks. We got settled in, and got everything unpacked, and ready for tomorrow. I am really going to get a break, while they go to Spanish school for 4 hours every morning. Part of this trip, Cory and Elaine want to do things they wouldn't normally do at home, so off to Monoloco they went. If you will recall, this is where they went for Cory's birthday. The reason for going here, is - of course, the Stanley cup playoffs are on, and the Vancouver Canucks were playing. At home, Elaine, is the one who would be sitting in front of the TV watching the game, while Cory would do other things. Elaine was a wee bit frustrated, as the other Canadian men in Monoloco, assumed that Cory was the hockey fan, and he knows just enough of the names, to convince someone, he is an avid fan. Elaine thought it was just like the World Figure Skating championships of 2001, when Cory blended right it, and nobody knew he was there because that is where Elaine wanted to be.

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