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We haven't done a posting in several weeks, primarily because we were visiting our peeps in Michigan for two weeks, were too distracted in Montreal and then had trouble finding a place to compute in Vermont. We're actually in the library in Burlington right now and are allowed two thirty-minute periods per day, which will hopefully be enough! Here's a quick summary of our time in Michigan:

* The train ride from Chicago to Jackson, MI was incredibly easy - only 3 ½ hours - and this concluded the public transit portion of our journey. Woo hoo!

* We spent the first couple of days with my parents in Mason, the next weekend in Detroit, back to my parents for three days the following week, then a final weekend in Detroit before crossing into Canada and heading east.

* The weather in Michigan was the best we've seen in this area in some time, since we typically travel to Michigan over Christmas and there is often a ton of snow and cold. The temp was between 60 and 70 every day - felt fantastic! We got lots of outdoor time going on walks with my parents and hanging outdoors at Brooke and Jer's and Andy and Carrie's.

* Sam and I spent an afternoon in Ann Arbor and wandered from our old apartment to the city center and out to the Arboretum. It was another awesome day temperature-wise and the nostalgia was oh-so bittersweet.

* We celebrated Mike and Julie's daughter's birthday with a sleepover and a trip to the Detroit zoo. We went to the zoo on the first nice Saturday in spring, which made it just a touch hectic, but the Butterfly Room kicked some tail.

* We received a second shipment of mail from our lovely friend Rachel Wray in Portland and had the opportunity to sift through countless offers for credit cards, a couple of supposedly unpaid bills, a couple of refund checks (one of which had already expired) and a myriad of bank statements and tax stuff. Oh yeah, we also managed to get our taxes done by April 14th - just in time!

And on Monday the 18th, we left Detroit and began the Northeast portion of our trip . . .

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