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Saturday 25th Mar

On Sat. night decided to move on to get to the Perhentian islands, off the east coast of peninsular Malaysia. We caught a bus to Ipoh, which is a city a couple of hours west of Cameron Highlands. We went to the place that Lonely Planet recommended as the best budget accommodation, and booked in. The room was (VERY) basic, but clean and okay. At about 9pm, just as we were getting settled, there came an almighty pong. We had a room next to a communal toilet, but the smell wasn't coming from there. We opened the door and window to let some air in, and I told the manager, who came up to have a whiff. There was a bit of a language barrier and I didn't really know what to say. I don't know how many times I said 'It smells like shit!' He said there were no other rooms available, so we just hoped it didn't come back and went to sleep. I think their plumbing is all screwed up and somebody above us flushed at that particular time..? Anyway, Ipoh is appropriately named - as in 'I Poo' and you smell it! We checked out first thing in the morning to catch the bus to Kota Bahru. I started to develop a cold overnight.

Sunday 26th Mar

Caught a 7 hour bus from Ipoh to Kota Bahru. It got us in too late to catch a boat over to the Perhentian islands, so we stayed a night in Kota Bahru. It is a fairly large city, and there were markets and pretty decent accommodation. My cold got worse.

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