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view from campsite

view from top

looking out

the last supper

pounding in the nails

I-40 cross


OK City downtown

Johnny Bench

red rock walls

Bass Pro bull

brick streets



children's park

Jesus wept

St Joseph's

  On my way home I traveled again through Texas, the part that is known as the Panhandle this time.  I spent the night in another one of their beautiful state parks at a place known as the Grand Canyon of Texas, both because of its size and "dramatic geological features" such as these red rock walls.

It is the second largest canyon in the world and here is a stream near my campsite

and another view from my site

which was deep down inside the canyon. In the morning once I drove to the top, I took these shots

 Continuing on I began to see signs for the second largest cross in the Western Hemisphere. Seems to be the day for second biggest, huh? Anyway, I'm glad I stopped to see this.

It had life size sculpted figures in a circle around the base depicting the stations of the cross like this one

Also, going up some step towards a life size re-enactment of the crucifixion was this sculture of the Last Supper

A man just decided to build this and there is no admission fee. There are a nice gift shop and clean restroom and ample parking for big rigs and family sedans. Well worth seeing if you are ever near Groom, Texas. I spent a night in Oklahoma City at a very nice campground. In the morning I went downtown to visit the memorial to the victims of the Alfred P. Murrah federal building bombing in 1995. This column represent 9:03 or one minute after the explosion. There is a twin to it on the other side of the reflecting pool which represent 9:01

These 168 empty chairs represent each of the 168 men, women and children who lost their lives during this tragedy.

There is a separate children's memorial too which features ceramic tile replicates of children's drawings which poured into Oklahoma from children all around the nation in the days following this event. There are chalk panels in the pavement where children and adults are encouraged to leave messages.

Across the street is another smaller memorial built by St. Joseph's church which was also heavily damaged in the bombing but has since been re-built

This depicts the Bible verse "Jesus wept" and shows Jesus weeping for the pain of the victims as he turns his back on the evil done here.

It was a very beautiful and moving memorial and there is also a museum on the site which I didn't have time for on this visit. Here is a view of downtown OK city

. They had these bulls all over, decorated in various ways, much like the pigs of Cincinnati or the geese of Lima.

A section of their downtown was re-vitalized several years and is called Bricktown because of these brick streets

They also have a stadium named "Bricktown" which is the home of a triple A team for the TX Rangers. I was able to get this shot of a tourist there.

There were statues of famous players from Oklahoma, including this one, familiar to Ohioans.

Apparently, he was from OK. Who knew? This particular trip was 5,012 miles and lasted 79 days. I saw many beautiful places and met some wonderful people. I had a wonderful time and will definitely be back on the road again in the future. Thank you all for traveling with me.

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