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Alien musuem

streetlight in roswell

inside of museum


crash site model

yeah, right

space museum

cronkite display

space food

new astronaut?

visitor center

white sands

dry lake




cave dwelling

the big room

almost touching


space capsule

astronaut suit

lion's tail



The next place I visited was New Mexico and I only had time to see the highlights of the southeastern corner.  First, I went to Alamogordo where I visited the International Space Museum and White Sands National Monument. Here's the outside of the museum

They had lots of rockets and other space euipment on display outside

This museum was about the history of space flight, both manned and unmanned and the many contributions New Mexico has made to it. They had a hall of fame with many recognizable names, including people like Copernicus and Gailileo who have been dead for 400 years or so. I'm sure they were very honored to be inducted! Here is a sight that may be familiar to the more mature of us

as he was considered the "expert" among newscasters of the day. Here is a space capsule

and a space suit

Another interesting section showed how astronauts do all the ordinary things we all do in our daily lives. Here is a variety of foods that have been sent

They had a little booth where you could get "training" to land a space shuttle, which I failed.

Next I traveled about 20 miles to visit the White Sands National Monument.

I checked in here and browsed through the small museum but the interactive was being repaired. Here's a shot that shows how it got its name

Here's a dry alkali lake Eddie and I stopped to explore.

We stopped here also to walk down the boardwalk among these dunes

There were lots of signs explaining what you saw, including the plants and critters. I thought this was neat

but of course, I do not know what it is called. You can rent saucers at the visitor center to go sledding like these folks did

You can tell it's not snow only because of how they were dressed. It was about 70 degrees that day. I drove through some more moutains to get to Carlsbad. It was very beautiful but my camera was malfunctioing that day. I did go to the famous caverns which are really indescribaly beautiful. Here is an ancient cave dwelling inside the park, on the way to the visitor center.

I used my national park pass again and chose to go on the self- guided tour but I did rent an audio device which explains many of the various sights. Here is a sign explaining the big room which couldn't even begin to be shown through photos

These formations are almost touching.

This one is called Lion's Tail

and this is Fairyland

For the more adventerous, you can go on tours with a ranger where you go into darker portions of the cave with only headlamps like these folks I met on the elevator

The men at least were in the military so that might explain their thirst for danger. Of course, I had to visit Roswell and the alien museum. Here's a shot of the streetlights there.

and the front of the museum

Here's a view of the lobby

and one of the displays

They also had this scale model of the famous crash site

and this realistic display

I only spent 30 minutes or so inside and that was more than enough for me. Next I started homeward but still managed to see a few interesting things along the way. Stay tuned.

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