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We are currently in Rome right now and I have to say, the history here is very impressive and really cool. After getting in we walked down around the Colloseum and the Roman Forum, I thought the Roman Forum was really cool. I think tomorrow or Monday we are going to take an organized tour of the area to get some more information. We haven't gone inside the the colloseum yet, I am really looking forward to that.

Today we will probably spend most of our day in Vatican City. We are going to do a tour and then see how much of it we want to go look at further. We may try and do another pub crawl tonight that is combined with a night tour, so that should be very fun. While I think that Rome's sights are amazing and am really enjoying them, I can't say that I am a big fan of Rome the city. It has the big city feel to it, lot's of graffiti (mostly anti-Bush stuff), nothing at all like Venice.

We think that Bush was supposed to be in Rome yesterday and there were supposed to be lots of protesting during his vist. We didn't see any organized protests, but we did see a lot of police activity around the Colloseum and the train station. We aren't sure if the protests actually happened or not. The worst thing we saw was a guy carrying around an American flag with a Nazi Swaztica on it, a little extreme, but he sure liked it.

Oh yeah, Venice, we should probably update on that. I thought Venice was outstanding! We were only there a night, but were able to ride up and down the grand canal both at night and during the day and walked around the labryinth of streets and canals. It did rain at the end of the day, but that wasn't too big a deal. We stayed on an island just off of Venice called Lido. Lido was really cool, it even had a big beach, but we didn't have time to actually use it.

I think that is all for now. We will be in Rome for the next couple days trying to see everything we want to see, then on to Nice (and beaches).


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