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We arrived in Semuc Champey a few days ago. Semuc is located around the centre of Guatemala and is said to be the most beautiful spot in the country so we had high expectations! We spent the first couple of nights in a hostal located right next to the park entrance, which was fantastically peaceful until three Guatemalan families turned up with about 15 kids and put up a tent next to our room. Although relatively quiet on arrival after they were jacked up on mountain dew they ran round screaming all night – lovely! As you would expect everyone staying there (mostly backpackers) were less than impressed.

Next day we went to the park with one of the guys from the hostal who took us around the park which has a natural limestone bridge and a series of pools underneath that you can swim in. It turned out to be activity packed day with a 1km very steep hike to the lookout, scaling waterfalls and climbing through caves – no health and safety laws here! Finished by a big night out on the tequila.

After two nights in Semuc we went to nearby Lanquin to stay at a great hostel called El Retiro on the banks of a river, very chilled. Here I tried two local specialities - a Guatemalan chicken bus shot (two shots run, splash of coke, and a shot of vodka with nutella, lethal!) and bulls balls. Note to self - when someone says there are bulls balls on the buffet, take them seriously and check which dish...

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