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Well I am still unwell, but fortunately in the luxury of Bintan. I got worse last night and all eventualities crossed my mind, so this morning I phoned 1 of the Doctors at work and sorted myself out. It appears I could have Salmonella poisoning!! Great!! At least it's 1 hell of a way to lose weight!!! Luckily, I have the right antibiotic with me in my "save the third world medical kit", so hopefully I will start to improve soon. Not much to report from the confines of the toilet, bedroom and balcony of the hotel, except that Ron got sunburnt yesterday, slept for 10 hours last night and had to force himself to get up and go for a swim. He is wondering how he will be able to work next week!! We are starting to think about returning home and are wondering what news is happening in our part of the world, so if anyone wants to fill us in, please feel welcome. Our trip is starting to wind down and as we reflect on all that we have done and seen over the past few weeks, we will return home with a new understanding and hopefully a better insight into other places and lifestyles and be thankful that we were born into our wonderful Australian culture and can have the priviledge to visit these new and interesting cultures, and bring some small amount of joy and laughter to these beautiful people that we have had the pleasure of meeting.

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