Sihanoukville fishing village

Typical Tuk Tuk

Ernie having his first tuk tuk ride

Tina & John in their element

The beach to ouselves

Ernie swimming in the gulf of Thailand

Cambodian beer

Lobster lunch

John has reached expert status with his chopsticks

Keys, Caymans and Cambodia all rolled into one

Ernie, Tina & John at the Lemongrass restaurant

Not a bad table

Clockwise: Tina, John, Georgette, Nur, Sam & Dave

It's hard to leave this spot

The Gulf

Dragon's are big here

Ernie, Tina & John at temple on Sokhu Beach

Our trusty crew getting some R & R

Crew. I heard someone say, "This is one of those 'I love...

Tina & John with our tuk tuk driver

wild monkeys

wild monkeys 2

Wild Monkey 3

Wild Monkey 4

Wild Monkey 5

Tina & John on the backroads in the tuk tuk

Entry to the Port

Saying goodbye to our driver. 2 local children jumped in the photo

Low tide in the fishing village

The end of the day swim

Fisherman returning home

We woke up in Cambodia today. I pulled open the curtains and said, "Wow". 50 yards off the back of the ship (our balcony) was a small fishing village that looked to me like photos you see in National Geographic. Now I know where these hundreds of fishing boats are coming from that we have been seeing around for the past day. We heard that Sihanoukville was very small and not alot to see, so we decided ahead of time to make it a beach day. We caught the ship's shuttle bus. The first stop was in town at the market place. We stayed on, but watched as half the bus emptied into a sea of anxious and excited tuk tuk drivers, who were all vying for a fare. We prepared ourselves for our stop which was next. Happily it wasn't as busy with drivers at the beach stop. Ernie made an arrangement with a driver to take us to Sokha Beach. We heard there was a resort there and many of the off duty crew from the casino, the photographers, the nurses and the purser and tour desk were all headed there. The ride in the tuk tuk was pretty fun. It's a an open air cab with bench seats, pulled behind a motorcycle. We arrived at the Sokha Resort which was beautiful. It had a huge open air lobby with intricate carvings in the wood with that classic Cambodian architecture. We headed for the beach and commandeered some lounges. No one was there yet and we had this beautiful stretch of beach to ourselves. They were all set up for a group on the lawn above the beach and soon discovered that the ship tour would be there for lunch. When they arrived we also had the benefit of the live local band and cambodian dancers. The water was really warm and had a mild surf. After swimming an sunning and body surfing we walked down the beach to a restaurant called "Lemongrass" which we found on the internet and is supposed to be the best restaurant in the area. Ernie and I ordered lobster, which you ordered by the gram, so I wasn't sure how much I was getting. They turned out to be the shovel nose or what we used to call the cuban lobster. Different shape, same great taste. John had an asian dish with a cambodian flare. We were joined for lunch by Sam & Nur, and Dave & Georgette from the ship. We all ordered different things and tasted it all. I tried the local beer again. The beers on the trip have all been in these giant bottles. Not complaining. Everyone was heading out, and the beach was empty again. Beautiful. We paid a quick visit to the pool area and visited with our crew friends and the headed out the front of the hotel. You had to walk off the property to get a tuk tuk. We stepped one foot on the road and heard the engine of a tuk tuk heading our way. It was the same driver that dropped us off. He said he waited there for us (5 hours). Apparantly, they would rather wait 5 hours and get an $8 fare, than leave and possibly get none or get a local fare which is much less. He offered to take us all the way back to the ship and show us some sights along the way which sounded great. We went past houses and through neighborhoods and to other beaches. With every new country I experience a whole new culture shock and realize how different the world is. We then turned into a road leading into a hotel. The driver stopped the tuk tuk and there were monkeys everywhere on the sides of the road. What a joy to watch them climbing and playing only 5 feet away from us. It was fabulous and also, not something you saw if you were on the tour. I didn't want to leave, but eventually we did and headed to the port. We had to walk from the port gate to the ship as our tuk tuk driver was not allowed into the port. It was a busy container port and we ran the gauntlet to get through there, but made it safely. Once on board I went out on the balcony to look at the little village off the stern. The tide was out now and the boats were high and dry. Kids were swimming and dogs running around. I thought how interesting it would be to go there and walk the cat walks and see their life up close.

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