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how Big bend was made

chuck wagon

Barton Warnock center





close to Mexico

picnic area

McDonalds in Alpine

Sol ross University

mountain top

tour guide, Rachel


outside view

Ft Davis

Infantry camping

officer quarters

enlisted men barracks






star gazing

Sunset at Seminole canyon

looking up



more pictographs

view from campsite

view from top

Here are some other places I visited in SW Texas.

On the way west i stopped for a night at Seminole Canyon state park which features some ancient cave paintings.

I stayed for the tour the next morning down into the canyon. Here's the view from the top

another view from my campsite

and a sunset from there

Here are a couple of shots of the cave paintings which are called pictographs.

I was stopped several times at border patrol checkpoints which puzzled me at first until I looked at a map. See how close I was to the border

Here is one the many many picnic areas Texas ploaces all along their highways, even state routes.

This looks like an ordinary McDonald's like thousands of others, but it is the only one for 100 miles in any direction.

Here is a feature of the campground where I stayed a couple nights.

The skies are very dark here .

I toured an observatory which is operated by the University of Texas. Here is a view from the top of the mountain where two large telescopes are situated.

Here is our tour guide Rachel telling us about how the place was started.

Here is the large telescope inside

This is an outside view of another one, which is the 5th largest in the world

I also went to the Museum of the Big Bend which offered this explanation for how it came to exist

It had some interesting exhibits about frontier life like this scene of a typical chuckwagon

The museum is on the grounds of the Sol Ross University (Sol Ross was famous around these parts, and was once governor of TX) I wonder what this guy is studying

i also went to a desert garden and museum. Here is a mural on the entrance

Here are just a few of the many many types of cactus there

and this warning sign which I absolutely heeded.

Next I went to Ft Davis, which was named after Jefferson Davis who was Secretary of War at the time of its founding.

It was built here partly to protect this road

which went from San Antonio to El Paso. Here is a pic of a restored barracks for enlisted men

This shot shows the parades grounds and looking to the officer's quarters

The typical infantry camping was a little different than how I do it

Here is the post hospital which they are currently trying to restore so we can all see how they lived

As you can imagine there a lots of wild animals around but I only saw a few. I saw lizards which were in the Big Bend post and a roadrunner while I was driving. As I left the park I finally saw some of the wild pigs . called javelinas but again I was driving so no photo. I camped at the state park and met a couple camped next site over and was talking about how much I wanted to see them so I could take pictures. Not an hour later I was fixing dinner and Eddie started growling. I told him to hush because I assumed he was barking at another dog. Instead, this guy was right outside the RV

This one shows the corner of my rig as I sat in the driver's seat to take this - see how close it is

. Next time I'll tell you about all the things I saw in New Mexico.

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