South to California for Winter '08 - '09 travel blog

We spent three days at Alfateers having some work done on our coach. We did a little exploring of the area and some big city shopping at the malls. We found some really good deals at some of the factory stores in the area. We now have to sort through more clothes to decide what to give away and what to keep. We also need to spend lots of time deciding what to bring next time we start one of these extended trips. We brought way more than we needed as usual. Part of the learning curve.. Of course less weight means more fuel milage. If you don't wear it or eat it in 3,000 miles you don't need to bring it.

The coach didn't need much done to it other than a few minor things. I especially wanted the undercarriage checked out before we went on our next trip. The Freightliner tech said that everything was A OK. He lubed and checked the brake linings, adjusters, etc.. We had two windows replaced that were turning blue because of leaks between the paines. Unfortunately they didn't have the other 5 that still need to be replaced. So I don't know if we will get them done before the original warranty runs out in July. Since the Alfa manufacturing company went bankrupt, it is hard to get the insurance to cover such replacements.

We stayed in the parking lot of the shop overnights and left in the morning while they did their thing with the coach. Thus the running around Fontana and Ontario. I had only been there at the airport the last few years. Years ago the brothers and I use to go to a drag strip somewhere in Fontana. Right across Cherry Avenue from the shop is the massive California Speedway. I.m sure that they have NASCAR as well as drags there. It is huge..

We took the girls to a really nice park one day. The Cucamonga-Guasti Regional Park had some nice ponds and picnic areas where we lounged with the girls in the shade trees, read and watched people fish. Fortunately we didn't have to deal with the traffic too often.

From there we went up the Cajon Canyon to our next camp at Wilderness Lakes.

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