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front of 5th wheel and truck

Rear of 5th wheel

Bedroom / closet /

Extra bed in couch (back right) Extra Bed in "dining room' table...

Computer room / dining room / Library

Cable ready TV-Library-with MAP Board to chart with state pins and string...

Kitchen with all the amenities! (Food included)

'Facilities', indoor plumbing / with running water! (one holer!)

Map Board

Shower and sink with it's own "sky light"

In response to a few of the readers who wanted to know what life is like in a 5th wheel, I hope that this answers a few of those questions. This is a 28 foot 5th wheel, it has the ability to sleep 6 people (wouldn't want to attempt that one!) But the couch and the dining table fold out or collapse, sleeps two apiece. We have had to make a few changes for the benefit of all the clothes we needed to take with us, so I installed a "Clothes pole" the width of the trailer, towel racks, soap dishes, shelving, rubber based shelf liner (Donna's request...) The closet space is limited. The 'facilities' is a tight fit, but has a very large cabinet as well in the room, (yes, has running water). There is a sink in the bedroom area, a stand up shower, a hot tub and a sauna (well not really on the last two things, but....) The actual living space is just fine, there is a slide out (operated by electricity or a crank if there is no power)gives additional 4 x 10 feet space, a dining room table that seats 4 people ( not bigger people, well that's not political correctness....ummmm fluffy people?) one of me and a 2 year old I said it! The benches have storage under them, quite handy for pots and pans. There is plenty of windows, some open up for the breeze and others are fixed glass. The couch, benches and both rockers are ok to sit in, would rather have a recliner! There is storage under the bed as well which has been handy, we have learned that the things we don't use often be stored there as we have to use the 'air cylinders' to lift the bed to get to that space. Donna has her 'air glider' stashed in the corner, it's pulled out each evening and stashed each morning after the exercise routine, so the dining room/kitchen/hallway/entertainment room/library gets turned into a exercise room each day. We have a solid outside door with a screen door, central heat and air, refrigerator, gas stove (3 burners) kitchen sink (2 basin) and a lot of cabinet space. Donna is very good with stashing and storing things in the smallest places, I just have to ask where something is!!! Sometimes when she is at work, I end up looking in every cabinet to find what I need. The bed mattress was replaced with one from the house, as the one that came with it was way too thin, the bed is a full size, it had a queen size mattress on it when we purchased it. I have 'claimed' storage spaces on the outside of the trailer, the storage bins are located under the flooring of the bed. The propane tanks (2) are located in the front, also have a large storage in the front as well. This 5th wheel has been easy to pull along the roadway, plenty of space for the two of us to live in, we have just learned to stay out of each other's way as in when Donna is getting ready for work etc... So 89 days pulling this and calling this 'home' (Homer), we really don't have any real complaints!

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