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A Book is Born!

It took me 1 year, 5 months and 3 days to write a book. It then took another 11 months and 23 days for my editor to publish it. Considering that I haven’t actually been paid for it yet – although my editor advises that “the cheque is in the mail”, and not that I’m actually getting paid much for writing it anyway! – it seems that book-writing doesn’t really fall into the “get rich quick” category for me!

However, if you take a step back and look at the big picture, I DID actually write a book, I DID actually get it published, and, if I’m to believe my editor, I WILL actually get paid for writing it. So, if I dig out my bucket list (i.e. things to do before I die) and scroll down to item #183 – “Write a book and become a published author” – well, I can now check that off my list and start working on the other 572 items that still await my attention!

For your info, the book is entitled “Volunteering in Latin America”. No, it’s not a novel based on my travel and volunteer experiences in Latin America, although those experiences certainly gave me a good amount of local knowledge that was hugely valuable when writing the book, and they might in fact be a good base for my next book. But this one is actually more of a reference book that covers a wide range of volunteer and travel related topics that will (hopefully!) help newbie volunteers and first-time travelers to the region plan a volunteer trip to Latin America without going through one of the large (and usually very expensive!) volunteer agencies.

This book hasn’t been published in hard copy, but instead is available for purchase through my editor’s website as an “e-book”, which means that if you were to purchase a copy through the website, you’d receive an electronic copy of the book which you could download onto your computer and/or print if you wish. In case you don’t actually believe that I wrote this darned thing, the following link will show you the cover and contents on the “Live Work & Play” website, and will even let you purchase a copy should you be so inclined!


So, now that I’m an officially published author, what next? Well, I’ve already been asked by this same editor to write one chapter for another e-book that’s being written this year, but although the money being offered is better, I’m still undecided if I want to spend another big chunk of time as a frustrated writer. To be honest, for right now I’m just happy knowing that this one is finally in the bag!

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