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Parliament Buildings, Den Haag

Peace Palace, Den Haag

At the beach with Steph and Robbie, Den Haag

Den Haag Beach

Red Light District, Amsterdam

Red Light District, Amsterdam

Red Light District, Amsterdam


Steph, Robbie and Fiona, Kinderdijk

The Windmills, Kinderdijk

alrighty, i thought travelling with my massively oversized duffel bag and backpack was the trick- now i learn i have to condense everything, including pairs of shoes, into one bag?? You're kidding. That is the very task I am currently procrastinating from. I'm so close to being done but I have so little room left- that's the worst part. If I was totally overpacked (like the big bag) it would be easy to dump stuff (like I already have) but now comes the time when I have to decide if I really need runners or not...grahhh! Anyways, to update you on the past few days- it has been an incredibly lovely visit here with the Aarsten's. Friday Fiona took me into Den Haag and we saw the parliament buildings, the Peace Palace (where the world court is held), and this gorgeous "panorama painting" of the beach. It's literally a 360 degree painting of the beachtown here in the hague. It's displayed in a dome and they've built a little scenery with sand and nets around it. Its quite an atmosphere and extremely impossible to describe but something quite amazing if you ever get the chance. Friday night we had a little girls night out with a few of her girlfriends which was quite fun and we had a nice sleep in on Saturday which was even better! After that we spent a leisurely day at the beach- stopped in for an hour at a family birthday party on the way- then headed out for some lunch by the sand. Unfortunately, it wasn't quite as warm as we thought, but it was still a great afternoon and the kids loved running around for a few hours. That night I went back into amsterdam to do the night tour through the red light district. It was a fun thing to do- we started out at the prostitution information centre, owned and operated by a former red light district prostitute, and she explained to us the legalities around the profession, different types of prostitution/places of work, and obviously the health concerns. It was very informative and after that just fun to see the lights and bars and obviously very hot girls (some transvestites as well). Today we went to Kinderdijk, a little city just outside of Den Haag that has a bunch of windmills. It sounds odd but its actually very cool. Some of them still have people living in them and one is open to the public so it shows you how they work and how people live in them. We biked through the fields and had a little picnic lunch, however we did made it speedy as the area is SO windy. Clearly someone was thinking when they built a field of windmills here- i thought I was going to blow away! It was nice to warm up in the car after and I spent the rest of the evening sorting through all my things, trying to make it all fit. And that is exactly what I'm going to continue doing right now and seeing as how i have to get up at 5 tomorrow morning to make my train, I will be off to bed right after. Nighty!

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