Feely Family National Vacation 2008-2009 travel blog

The tree that saved us from killing each other!!!

Cape Conran

On the boardwalk

Climbing rocks etc

At the lookout

The freedom

The girls in sand!!!!

Liam looking out and thinking

What the!!!!

As yesterday we did not venture far we decided to extend our stay here in Marlo by another day.

At ten us girls went off to the hairdressers. It was great, time out and all hair trimmed and mine coloured for $110!!!!

We then all drove to Orbost to have a bakery lunch and wander the streets of Orbost.

After doing that we thought a drive to the Snowy River National Park and see a few falls and the McKillop bridge would be nice....Little did I realise that it was a four hour round trip on a gravel, bumpy and almost corrugated road. Rhiannon felt sick, Sara and Miranda slept and Liam kept talking whilst Sean tried to read!!!!

About one hour into the journey we had to stop and turn around as there was a tree blocking the road....Shame we were having so much fun!!!

So no sights seen we drove through Orbost and Marlo to Cape Conran. I was exhausted so stayed in the car whilst Sean took the kids along the beach and boardwalk.

I spotted a rather funny sign on the way into Cape Conran and on the way back got Sean to take a photo...do you think ii is Rove worthy???

We went back and had a simple pasta dinner.

Liam wrote his day's events and it was a vast improvement...FINALLY!!!!

Rhiannon was meant to do some piano practice but she left her sheet music back in Bairnsdale....very convenient we think!!!

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