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The kids infront of the Snowy River

Sean and his Shadow


Touristy photo!!!

The Snowy River

We decided to go for a family walk down to the Snowy River before breakfast and the writing of the dreaded diaries....it is a hard slog getting them to do it...

The caravan park office is adjoined to a hairdressers and the girls needed a haircut so I booked an appointment for 10am tomorrow...Tuesday.

We enjoyed the walk down along the river but Sean suggested a walk trail back which was straight up a hill...he regretted it as he carried Miranda (16Kg)....we all realised how little exercise we have been doing and felt horrid!!!

We returned to the caravan and had breakfast and then the two older ones were to do their diaries as were quite behind and Liam is still rewriting his. We spent the good part of the day cajoling him and I was worn out and ready to murder....how do teachers do it!!! I kept rubbing out his work as his handwriting is atrocious.

I went for a walk to calm down and Sean then spoke to Liam regarding, pride in work and if he does not improve he will end up not having many choices in life, in regards to careers etc... Surprisingly this worked and he came back with a much improved attitude and a neater transcript of the days.

We were exhausted from this day so we decided to go to the pub ....realising it is the one Pat recommended.It is this big, beautiful old verandah style building on a hill overlooking the Snowy River. Beautiful outlook especially the sun setting. The meals were great. I had a coriander and lime prawn salad, Sean a huge greek salad and the kids had fish, chips and salad, with damper for all. The kids' fish was so fresh and yummy I regretted that I did not order some fish but my dinner was delicious.

We then went for a walk back down to the river and as there were no street lights I was grateful for my torch purchase the day before.

We finally stumbled into bed, exhausted.

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