Feely Family National Vacation 2008-2009 travel blog

Farewelling our site at Tim and Michelle's

Liam going down the water slide...it is raining

Catching up at the fair

Sara and Rhiannon on the ponies

Miranda getting instructions on how to ride the pony

Riding well ...she knows how to do it!!!

Sara through the jumpy maze

Miranda following

Rhiannon up and over

Miranda going down the dry slide



Now all 3

Engine driver Miranda

Having a laugh Miranda and Sara

Rhiannon on the Jolly Jumper

Sara being a jumping monkey

Tim trying to sneak off with the show bags!!!


Miranda being the cow that jumped over the moon!!!

Pizza in Lakes Entrance

Sara being Sara

While we were packing up the Sheltons left to Sale for their school fair.

It took longer to pack than normal...maybe we did not want to leave!!! I was keen to move on as felt that poor Michelle could not get any peace as 5+4 =9 in her home and routine was no where to be found!!!

We left the caravan on their front verge and travelled to Sale to join them at their school fair. It was cold and raining in spits and spurts so I said that the water slide was one activity that our kids could not do but as the Sheltons were on it as we arrived I was coerced into letting Liam brave the cold.

The school fair was great we had to exchange our cash for their fair money and then went around spending it. The kids rides were $30 for the day and entitled them to do them as many times as they wanted to.

We had a great time but knowing that we had a good three hour drive ahead of us I was keen to leave at 2.30pm ....we left closer to 3pm.

We drove back into Bairnsdale and collected the van and drove on to Lakes Entrance, where we had the boat tour. As it was nearing 5pm we thought we would have pizza at the same place we did a few days before. The lady remembered us and was even more chatty than last time.

After pizza and lecturing Sean and Liam in regards to throwing cricket balls around a glass arcade it not only dangerous but could be quite expensive depending how many windows were broken......It is hard travelling with 5 children!!!!!

We arrived in Orbost and thought the caravan park was beautiful and green and peaceful. So rather than disturbing their tranquility we drove onto Marlo.

After unpacking and setting up we spent the night trying to get internet connection...or at least Sean did. I read my book!!!

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