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Ok, this is what you need to do, this entry is titled 'The colors and sounds of Van Nuys', so reach over and turn your speakers on...I'll wait for you....

Are you ready?'s a shame that you cannot hear the wind gently blow through the trees of the Van Nuys park, hear the children laughing at the ducks as bread is tossed down for the birds morning snack. I can tell you that the noise of the ducks and geese is quite loud!! But to hear a voice quietly saying "excuse me" as four little wheels roll along as a small child sitting in a red wagon with a well behaved puppy slowly moves past and down the side walk. The ducks are splashing in the lake as they are searching for some food, I guess some don't want a hand out as they must be from the 'old school', they choose to feed themselves.

A school bus stops, and out piles at least 15 little children, to the waters edge they run, the ducks scatter, some do that short flight thing to get away while others head to the water, the ducks can read is my guess, as they fly past a sign that states "no swimming" so they know it's only for feathered friends, the child that has been in the red wagon begins to cry as "his" ducks which he was feeding also heads for the deep waters of the lake to get away.

This must be a favorite place for the older generation as well, as it seems that they have a lot of the benches and tables filled, I hear the talking and the laughter, I imagine they talk about the old days and how things used to be, I can also imagine as the respect for one another seems to be here at this place, as we are greeted and we greet those we meet up with along our path with a smile and a kind word.

The sun continues to shine, the winds still blow gently and the water flows from the created waterfall throughout the lake, gently spill over a small dam, a duck is seen 'riding the wave' steering with his feet but using no energy for this free ride, the water flows into a creek that runs through the acres of the park past picnic tables and families enjoying the sun and the Spring weather. Other pictures of the colors were taken while driving down the side streets of Van Nuys once we left the park...enjoy the beauty.

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