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some of the luminarias


torch of friendship

alamo luminarias

Aaron and Kayla

Torch lit up


VIP transport


Giant luminaria


convention center

sand painting

Went to an arts festival last night in downtown San Antonio called Luminaria. My younger son Aaron and his girlfriend Kayla flew into town on Thursday to spend their spring break with me here and we went to see the sights. They have a large area downtown around all the scenic areas blocked off with 8 or 10 differnet stages where a wide variety of music and dances was performed. There were lots of art exhibits and artisans of all kinds giving demonstrations. Of course, lots of lights and light displays to illustrate the theme. Here were some that were part of an altar like display

Here is one of the stages with some dancers

Here is a cool sculpture called then Torch of Friendship - I assume it is a permanent part of San Antonio

They used these golf carts, decked out for workers to transport the performers and other VIPs

A man was using sand or dirt to make paintings like these on the windows of a Ford van

This sculpture was part of an exhibit inside the convention center - it was made of index cards and paper clips

Here's a shot of the kids

and one of the giant luminaria - it seemed to be made of some kind of thin sheet metal

Here are some other ones set up on the lawn in front of the Alamo they looked like teepees -

Here's that torch again lit up

They hung lights everywhere

and had lots of really cool displays like these

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