Nadine and Will's Honeymoon around the world 2009 travel blog

A nice spot for lunch ;)

The river meets the ocean

Firetwirling on the beach

Moo cows on the road.

Our own private beach... no floating plastic bags here!

Chilling on the sandy shores..

Shhhhhhhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnnoooooookkviiiilllle!!! I'm sure that the mighty King Sihanouk would be most put out by the thought of it but with a name like that I think I was bound for disappointment! Thoughts of tiny little water dwelling smurf like creatures came to mind as the inhabitants of this quant little fairy tale town... in reality? I think I enjoyed saying SHHHHHAAAA NOUK VILLE more then I enjoyed staying there :)!!! The beaches, although nice, were of a similar standard to Phuket with alot more rubbish. I'm normally that person thinking erk what was that - something touched me, yuck! Well in this case it was more likely to be a big waterlogged piece of plastic wrapped around your leg then a jelly fish, let alone a shark :) We discovered later that evening that the source of all this ocean grime was a very lively nightlife, well night life that would have been pretty impressive were we able to find ourselves a time machine and go back about 10 years... 25c warm beers in plastic glasses, a sandy dance floor surrounded by dirty little make out nooks and of course the all day drinkers. This is the place where the guy that made the Drumstick commercials was staying when he came up with his latest advertising campaign... its 9pm, the sun is set, your sun burnt, your dirty from falling all over the place in your drunk in stooper and your still thinkin' your teeny tiny white (actually mud brown in parts now) bikini looks pretty hot but they are nothing more then undies. undies. undies. Oh god did I just hit middle age right there mid sentence :) Not the write the place off altogether there were some lovely little beaches further out of town to chill out by and the restaurants off the beach did the meanest BBQ grills!! Huge pieces of Barracuda and tuna for $4.50. yum! After 2 weeks away from home there's nothing like a nice Barb to cure the home sickness! !

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