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I headed off on the 8.30am bus from Phnom Penh yesterday and travelled 5 hours south to the beachside town of Sihanoukville via a public bus with air conditioning set to minus 5. Unfortunately it was raining so the drive took longer than it was supposed to and I didn’t get in until 3pm. From there it was a 15 minute motorbike ride in the driving rain to get from the town centre to a gorgeous little place called Serendipity Beach.

I didn’t fancy walking around getting saturated trying to find a place to stay so I just went to the first bungalows I saw, Cool Bananas, and got a room there for $8US a night. The adjoining walls between the bungalows are very thin and the whole structure is very breezy so not only do I get hundreds of mosquitoes, I get to eavesdrop on my next door neighbours’ conversations and breathe in the constant scent of their marijuana too!

Drugs are everywhere and I’m forever getting asked if I want to buy, its very blatant. Particularly down here on the coast, there are countless ‘happy herb’ pizza places and people quite happily smoke joints in internet cafes, restaurants without any apparent concern for its illegality.

The beach, with clear blue water and (relatively) white sand, is gorgeous and the sea is dotted with rocky outcrops and rickety fishing boats. There are quite a few undeveloped islands around, as well as a couple that have rustic accommodation should you want to stay awhile.

It’s a gorgeous day today and getting hotter by the minute. I’ve got a strict program of hammock laying, followed by beach lazing and pool swimming to stick to and then I’ll head back up north to Battambang (a 10hr bus ride) to meet back up with Fran tomorrow.

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