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Happy Trails Diane and Jim

I spent all morning Friday getting the new coach in order on the inside and Tom spent all morning getting the "bee juice" off the windshield and sides of the coach. Quite the job! The outside looks great but the inside still needs some rearranging so --- pictures tomorrow when it is all ship shape and ready for photos.

Last night we gave a party to send Diane and Jim off in style. Since they are the first to leave ,and Tom and I have enjoyed their company so very much for the past three months, we decided to host a get together even though the recent delivery of the new motorhome made it a bit of a challenge. We were eight people for a bratwurst/knockwurst BBQ. I made three salads , Mary Jane made a delicious cake for desert which complimented the strawberries and homemade whipped cream I had prepared and Diane brought seafood stuffed cherry tomatoes for appetizer. Deborah and her husband Paul provided a fire pit and all the wood . We started the party at 4:00 and it was about 75 degrees but as soon as the sun goes down the fire took the chill out of the air.

This morning we moved a lot of stuff around and gained quite a bit more storage room. The extra 4 feet gives us tons more storage in the "basement" bins. I've pretty much got the kitchen and front of the coach arranged. Now I have to work on the drawers and closet in the bedroom. The bathrooms were one of the first things finished because you really need soap, shampoo, toothpaste etc. right away.

At noon we got a call from Diane and Jim saying they were all packed and ready to go tomorrow so would we like to go to lunch. We dropped everything and went for a four hour gabfest. It is so great to be able to be outside, revel in the sunshine, and get some good food to boot.

When we got home we continued unpacking a few more boxes but then called it quits. Tomorrow , after we say goodbye to our friends, we will redo the drawers and closets and then take photos.

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