Diary of Payasa Patoja travel blog

going to a salsa club in xela with mafi and juanki

mafi and i

group salsa lessons

on the way to the school in San Marcos

watching the payasos


i sent an email the other day to 5 people, but i guess word got around and i think i caused a bit of an alarm. i was panicked at the time but i'm ok now. the email concerned my feelings of unsafety here.

i'm feeling a lot better now. i've taken the necessary precautions and i'm very alert. i also spoke about it with Bobolop.

its been 2 mths i've been here and honestly i'ts not easy, but i'm hanging on. i'm thinking about changing to another city where there are more people from the project. we'll see. i have to make sure wherever i go i'm sure i'm more comfortable.

although i have a definite purpose within the project (which is to facilitate transfering a similar project to jamaica under ashe)...sometimes i still dont feel fully settled.

my spanish is coming slower than i thought and its harder than i thought too. i definitely kno a whole lot more than i did before and my basic comprehension is pretty good.

i'm looking forward to dennis's visit in may which should provide a familiar face.

i now these blogs should be happy go lucky but thats just not how i feel right now. This is a definite challenge. Lets just take it one day at a time.

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