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I'm SO tall

The river we took the boat ride on

Known for it's bars on the rivers, visisted by way of tubing.. this is a very young tourist hot spot for partying. The rest of Laos is still pretty clean from crazy tourists but this spot definately is not.

We got into Veng Vieng in the late afternoon from a very windy and unpleasant bus ride (I spent most of my time on Marilyns shoulder due to graval- She's like the grandma of the group). After all cleaning up we went for dinner (because yes, as many of you have pointed out, we do a LOT of eating). We then walked around for a little while and called it a night.

The following morning Nicole and I rented bikes and headed to check out some caves. We quickly learned we are not good at mountain biking- I fell and she lost the use of her breaks halfway through. We also forgot to bring a flashlight for the dark caves so after many flashes of the camera.. we realized we had to turn back.

After freshening up we met another girl for lunch and then went to hang out by a lovely pool. Creepy boys layed on their stomachs to watch us sun bathe but aside from that it was a pleasant experience.

Later that evening we took a boat ride up the Namsong river at sunset and along the way spotted water buffalos bathing on the side.. as well as locals bathing on the side (so sanitary!).

Later we met the group for dinner again and then went on the hunt for banana and nutella pancakes from a street cart (so yummy) and then called it a night as the next day was another early start (plus a bunch of us are in the middle of pretty good books).

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