Feely Family National Vacation 2008-2009 travel blog

The Ferry in Paynesville

Sara and Liam on the ferry

A Black Swan!!!


Sean and Miranda with Rhiannon in background on the ferry

The view from Espas

Sean and Liam with his cricket ball

Latte with view what more can you ask for

Koala no.1

The koala checking us out!!!

A Koala in someone's backyard

A close up of the koala

So many koalas so they checked out the ants!!!!

Well, I am still awake at 12.15am on Sunday Morning trying to catch up on the journal. Planet of the Apes is on TV!!! It is blowing a storm and we had to bring in the awning. The Sheltons may be home already and snug in their beds but if they are still driving I hope they take it easy.

Today, I took Miranda and Sara into the town to buy a new crate for Liam as his has a huge crack in the lid and some other bits and pieces. Sean stayed behind to do his work and allow Rhiannon and Liam to do their diaries etc.

We took longer than we thought so were too late when we arrived in Metung for their Farmer's Market. So we drove on to Paynesville to catch their ferry to Raymond Island. It is just a short distance about half the distance from the South Perth Jetty to the City.

When we arrived on Raymond Island we looked in the trees as we were told that there were koalas everywhere but did not see anything so thought we better go and have something to eat. It seemed like the only place to eat was at Espas. When we got there the gentleman told me it was closed for lunch but they were so lovely that they reopened their kitchen for us. After a lunch of salt and pepper squid with ginger salad, I enjoyed a good latte whilst watching the weather change so rapidly. The boats came in and it started to look like a thunderstorm was to start.

Sean recieved a call from Simmo and whilst he chatted I bought some of the famous Metung chocolates.

We then wandered the streets whilst it drizzled, the girls were complaining that they were cold and getting wet till they saw the first koala snuggled in a tree low enough for Sean to reach up and touch. We kept walking and kept spotting koalas everywhere. After spotting many we started heading back to the ferry to return to the mainland and our car.

Rhiannon and I checked out a few shops whilst Sean took the others to the car. I got to the car just before it started to pour down.

We drove back to Bairnsdale and had homemade pizza for dinner and got ready for mass.

We were late to St Mary's 7pm mass. The priest unfortunately was unlike Fr Peter who keeps the congregation interested in his homily....even I found myself not listening and my mind wandering off. He read his homily with no expression except now and again in the wrong places.

I found the murals which are famous rather off putting with rather scary images.

After mass the children were given worksheets and iron on transfers.

We then treated the kids to a McDonald's Sundae as it is next door.

We drove home and brushed teeth and everyone went to bed except for me ....doing this instead. It is now alomst 1am and I am going to put the timer on the tv as now watching the Planet of the Apes and want to see what happens...never watched the original movie either only the episodes.

Thank you to all that have emailed worried about us as we were not updating the journal and not replying to txts ...makes us feel loved.

Especially, Nyaree worrying about my nails!!!

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